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Momanager-20150409 should be used in Fatdog64-700, too.

If your box can use 64 bit software then please try it.

1 Installation of momanager
Download goes to /root/spot/Downloads
Right click on downloaded momanager-*.pet
Choose "New package format"
Right click on this new created momanager-*.txz
Choose Install.
That's it.

2 Load the NLS package
Download fd64-700_nls.sfs
Right click on it.
Choose Load SFS

3 Choose your locale
(Without above nls.sfs you would have only English locales to choose from.)
In Control Panel you go to Fatdog Choose Locale
and choose your locale(s).

There are many translations ready for use.

fatdog.mo is for most of the scripts.
And it is a good starting point.
Translate the single words and some of the short messages.
fuzzy will help you!

Menu entries use Name (GenericName)
Control Panel uses Name and Comment as tooltip

Have fun.